Do you believe your NBA team has what it takes?

Forever Fan Freer. 30 Teams. One Heart. Don’t get F’d.

Kyndall Freer is in search of the NBA Team to receive her Forever Fandom.
Kyndall Freer in search of her forever NBA Team.

I?m 31 years old and it?s time I found an NBA team to become a forever fan of. I?ve always been one of those sports fans who cheers for players instead of teams. I don?t want to be one of those NBA fans who just hopes everyone has fun out there on the court and no one gets hurt. I want to be covered head to toe in my team?s gear and talk shit to people in bars when my team?s kicking their ass. So that?s why I?ve decided the 2019-2020 NBA season is the season I finally find a team to be a forever fan of.

Here?s the kicker: I want YOU to pitch me why I should be a fan of your team. Woo me. Put to use those elevator pitch skills they teach you in your college business classes. Show me what your team?s got. 

Here?s some background info on me to help you try and sway me:

  • Raised in Austin, Texas
  • I went to undergrad at Texas Tech and graduate school at Long Beach State
  • Currently live in Long Beach, California
  • My favorite color is turquoise
  • I?m obsessed with Succession (don?t know how this helps you, just wanted you to know)
  • Very pro-women, LGBTQ, animal, minority rights
  • Oakland Raiders and Texas Rangers fan
  • My favorite basketball player of all time is Vince Carter

Here are some things that will help me determine my choice:


Listen, I?m not stupid. There are quite a few teams out there that have zero shot at bringing home the Larry O?Brien trophy this season, but does their future at least look bright? It may not happen this year or the next or the next, but are they building something right now that could get them there in the future?

Great alumni and history:

Does the organization have some rad past players? If I get all swagged out in my team?s gear I want to be able to buy a throwback jersey with a cool ass player?s name on the back. For me to do this, I also want a squad with some history. Did your team hire the first woman CEO? African American coach? Did any past players stand up for something they believed in during a difficult time? I love that shit.

Current star player/players who aren?t douchebags:

I need a team that has a dude on it. A guy (or guys) who brings it every night. Someone who says, ?Load management? Get that shit out of my face.? I want a squad with guys who have similar values to me. Does the team start a guy who beat his wife? BYE. Did someone use a racial slur? SEE YA. 


Loyal. Fun. Down to clown. Racist or try to fight players? TAKE A HIKE.

Cool throwbacks and current uniforms:

If I?m gonna drop some money on gear I want it to look right. For example, the Raptors have the greatest throwback jerseys, but I know there are a lot of other teams out there who can compete too. Generally speaking, this seems like lame criteria for picking a team, but ultimately this is my forever team, and I can do what I want. 

Here’s how it will work:

Every week from now until All-Star Weekend, we?re going to have two fanbases pitch me on The Hoops Talk podcast on why I should become a fan of their team. As a result, I?ll whittle teams down week by week and eventually land on a team that I will become a forever fan of. You know a little bit about me now. You have my criteria. Now it?s time for you to get those pitches ready. Let?s get to it!